Mariel del Rincon is a self taught artist. She was born in 1988 and she grew up in the city of Culiacán, Sin., Mexico. From a very young age Mariel stood out for her drawing skills and continued to practice over the years without knowing that she would devote herself to painting.


It was 3 years after dropping out of the BA (Bachelor of Arts degree) that Mariel began to experiment with new techniques and found her passion, turning her hobby into a full-time profession. Since then she has positioned herself as a national and international artist. Currently she exhibits her work in different galleries in Mexico and soon in the United States as well.  


Mariel del Rincon is a contemporary artist who expresses her love for animals through her artwork. She seeks to open more spaces to raise awareness and encourage people to contemplate the beauty of these living beings and the importance of their conservation.


Whether it’s portraits or wild life, Mariel wishes to capture the true essence of the subject. Her unique style captivates the viewer with the use of color and precision in details. Most of her paintings are created using oil paint and spatulas.

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